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Can I return a part?

Most parts can be returned. Please refer to the return policy and the core policy.

What is an RA number?
RA stands for Return Authorization number. This number should be visible on the outside of any part you are returning to us for any reason. Please contact us prior to shipping your part and an RA number will be provided.

What is a core charge?
A core charge is a deposit on remanufactured products to insure the return of the old parts. If you buy a part with a core charge please follow our core policy to make sure you receive proper credit on your deposit.

Can I pick up parts at your location?Parts purchased on the website are not available for pickup at our physical location. This policy must be strictly enforced to reduce labor costs and keep our prices competitive.

Why are most of your online prices lower?It is less expensive to maintain an online presence than a physical storefront. By keeping our online operations separate, we can pass these savings on to the consumer.

What is Scion?Scion is a new marque from Toyota Motor Sales. The Scion marque was created to properly serve trend setting, youthful buyers.

How do I identify a non-factory part?
TRD parts begin with 00602-, 00641-, 00642-, 00643-. GST parts begin with 000XX-, and aftermarket parts begin with AMXXX-. Apparel products do not follow these numbering guidlines.

What is TRD?Toyota Racing Development is the performance division of Toyota Motors. TRD parts can be identified by their part numbers. TRD part numbers begin with the prefix 00602-, 00641-, 00642-, or 00643-. Unless designated as “race only” TRD sport parts carry the same warranty as factory Toyota, Lexus, and Scion parts.

What is GST?
Gulf States Toyota is the factory distributor for all Toyota vehicles and products in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. GST parts have been thoroughly evaluated and tested for performance and proper fitment. These parts are sold through the local Toyota dealers and carry the same warranty as factory parts. GST parts can be identified by their part numbers. GST part numbers begin with 000XX-.

What are aftermarket parts?
Aftermarket parts are products from companies that have no affiliation with Toyota, Lexus, or Scion . We may include some aftermarket products on our site to provide you with as many choices as possible. We will include products with a good reputation and also listen to customer feedback when making decisions about what aftermarket pruducts to include on our site. The warranty on aftermarket parts vary based on the policies of the part manufacturer. Aftermaket part numbers will always begin with the letter AM.

Are you a dealer?
Discount Toyota Parts is operated and maintained by a Toyota Parts provider. We are not a Lexus dealer, but we are able to offer you factory Lexus parts through our affiliations with Lexus dealers. We provide the same warranty on factory Lexus parts as your local dealer.

How do I contact you?
There are several ways to communicate with us. Please refer to the contact page.