For most individuals, purchasing a new car at your local dealership is second only in overall cash outlay to that of a new home. Yet while most homeowners are diligent about maintenance, the truth is that most automobile owners are not. This is where your local dealership and service department comes in. Through advanced training dealership service technicians, counter personnel and parts managers are up to date on the latest service bulletins, model developments and more importantly, improvements in design that lead to better overall quality.

Purchasing a replacement part from your local dealership also means you’re getting an item that was designed for your specific year/make/model vehicle by the company that manufactured it – something that can’t be said for items sold through independently owned and operated auto parts stores that are more interested in the bottom line.

OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer) also come with a year long warranty on both the item purchased and the labor involved, provided that the install was done at the dealership. This not only helps to extend the life expectancy of one’s automobile, but lends to piece of mind as well.